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Club Laga | Directions from Bethany

Pittsburgh. A club catering to the indie, metal, punk, and industrial community. E.g. Napalm Death; Stereolab; Bouncing Souls; Thrill Kill Kult. Usually restricted to 18 and over.

M [Formerly Metropol] (Pittsburgh)

Metropol | Directions from Bethany

Club with both DJs and live music. Bands are usually alternative, punk, metal, rock, folk, indie. E.g. Slayer, Tesla, Soul Coughing. Dance nights are themed - 80s, Techno, Industrial. Sometimes all ages, otherwise 21+.

Mr. Roboto Project (Pittsburgh)

For the scene, by the scene. A drug and alcohol-free, non-profit, all-ages collective in the finest punk rock tradition. Features 'zine archive. 2 venues, both catering to hardcore, grindcore, punk rock, metal, emo, mathcore, etc. E.g. Anti-Flag; Atom and his Package; Aus-Rotten. Cover is cheap; cheaper with $5 membership.

Millvale Industrial Center


Pittsburgh. Another co-op. All-ages. BYOB. Caters to indie, industrial, metal, art-rock, etc. E.g. Swans; Foetus; Anal Cunt. RIP Millvale.

The 9:30 Club (D.C.)


An alterna-rock legend. Hosts some of the finest indie, rock, alternative, punk, metal, industrial, rap acts around. E.g. They Might Be Giants, Tenacious D, Thrill Kill Kult, Nick Cave, Weezer.

The Black Cat (D.C.)


A fine club that hosts the smaller underground indie, punk acts, etc. Red Room is free admission with bar, pool, great tunes. Main room features two stages. Allegedly co-owned by Nirvana alum Dave Grohl. Often populated by elitist scene-sters.

Nation (DC)


D.C. Large venue with several dance floors. Features DJs for weekly rave, goth, and industrial nights. Bars outside and inside. Volleyball pit. Balcony overlooks the Capital. Concerts generally involve several bands - festival style. E.g. Warped Tour, Ramones, Bad Brains, etc. Prepare to be frisked, and lock your car door.

123 Pleasant Street (Morgantown, WV) | Directions from Bethany

. Same distance as Pittsburgh, but in a university town. Less of a hastle. Usually the center of Morgantown's tremendous local scene, but often hosts surprisingly high-profile national indie acts of all sorts. E.g. Fugazi, Clutch, Hank Williams III, Man or Astroman?, Murphy's Law, All Mighty Senators, etc. Cover is usually somewhat high for national acts. Features weekly specials (ladies night, DJ (techno) night, boxing night; on Sunday afternoons there are often all-age, political punk rock festivals). 18 unless otherwise stated. Great place for a hastle free night away from Bethany.

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