Unsigned (A page taken from a book of nearly incomprehensable ramblings found outside aWal-Mart while traveling through Indiana)

I sit here and I wait,
Waiting on the most fucked-up blind date.

Don’t get excited.

Don’t be an idiot.

She’s just a gurl.

Some chick you met on the Net.

This isn’t a date, but an occasion for ruckus
What better way to attack corporate America
Than to sit outside a Wal-Mart, scrawling poems with a stolen pen.

Two kids in black; what attention we’ll grab!

“Look at the ‘goths’ “ the black eye in the sky will gasp.

Yeah, well if the way we dress brands us as evil,
Then so are you Mr. Blackeye.

A community formed of bits,
A friend forged from lies.

But in the bits and lies, the ultimate truth prevails;
For THIS facade is the falsitude,
And the Man behind the Mask is the truth to be beheld.

The weirdest truths are formed from the truest lies.

But perhaps its being wierd is what truly guarantees that it is getting closer to the truth...

For, if true truth is truely inaccessable,
Then the wierest weird would come as close as is possible in this
flawed existance to true truth.

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Bethany, WV 26032