Wayne Kramer: Adult World (Muscle Tone Records, 2002)

by Mac
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

(Rock n’ Roll, Hard Rock.) “They’re marching the prisoners to the gallows./They’re hanging their problems out to dry.” These opening lines from “Sundays in Saigon” provide a glimpse into the socially conscious lyrics which permeate Adult World. Though the lyrics are at times dark and deal with various important social issues, (respect, hope, drug abuse…), the music is surprisingly uplifting, and reminiscent of rock anthems from the 70’s and 80’s. Though written and performed by Kramer, a man in his sixties, “Talkin’ Outta School” sounds like a perfect anthem for troubled, angered, socially aware youths. Adult world is an album for all lovers of rock music, young and not so young.

If you like the music, visit the official Wayne Kramer website, http://www.waynekramer.com. You will get to read updates about the MC5 documentary and learn how a low budget, noncorporate record label is able to function in the mass media world. Warning: the website background is static and may give you quite a headache. Also, check out the NPR Fresh Air Wayne Kramer interview at http://freshair.npr.org, the show date was Tuesday, Aug. 20, 02.


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