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by TurboCretin-360
Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

Some good music to relax to, but not the best thing I’ve heard. For my relaxation time I’d still take Must’ve Been High, or Must’ve Been Live. This is quality as far as the production and musicianship goes, just not my cup of tea. This needs more whisky and maybe some amphetamines, maybe if it were on Vinyl I could just turn it up to 45 or 78 and forget all about this nonsense, what if indeed.

Why must there be so much sadness and needlessly slow music just layin’ ‘bout like a stupid hippie or a stupid Mistie (hahahaha, hippie bastard) after she smokes a fat “Doobie?” Absolutely no new ground treaded here. This sounds like every other “great” indie rock release in the last ten years. There is just too much fucking hype on these records. Another indie hit, the Hives, are a much better pick for your buck.


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