Thine: In Therapy (2002)

by Mistie Threkay Purveyor of Death & Doer of Laundry
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

This review had to wait for three songs while I cleaned up where I had shit myself. This is that fucking good. Almost TOOL like. This release is that good. It has a strong hint of the Cure. Hmmm… Tool and Cure? Must be Brooding rock that explodes into grandiose choruses of inexplicably hard music. Not so.
This CD is Melodic, always rocking, with a great singer the first track “Best Kept Secret” must have been meant humorously because this CD is one of rock’s best-kept secrets. Never happy or upbeat, which is my normal style; this CD manages to be good and sad without making me feel like killing myself, a feat in itself.

The one thing that this CD misses that Tool, hell all of Maynard’s projects, has is the release. The slow verses of Tools songs build the choruses release. Not so here, after 10 tracks this CD begins to drag, and you want to hear a dirty punk cover thrown in, which “Deny Everything” should have been. All is forgiven when I realize that this is a CD that will matter. Great song structures and haunting vocals this CD deserves the rave reviews on par with today’s great indie rockers. This sticks in my head and I like fast rock. To think you fucks almost missed a brilliant CD.


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