Steve Vai. The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1 (2002)

by Lemmon 714
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

First of all, let me say that Steve Vai is a guitar player from hell (listen to “Eugene’s Trick Bag” (track 6) from the film Crossroads, for example). This CD is a compilation of songs Vai’s done for movies and TV, including queus, filles, etc. This man has more talent than he knows what to do with. From a guitar player’s point of view, he does more than most of us can ever strive to accomplish - very specialized and very, very fast. But also from a guitar player’s point of view, he’s limited in scope and range.

The music was written for different movies and TV, but for themost part, it all sounds very much the same, just using different effects. There are a few exceptions (e.g. tracks 1 & 7). When listening to the CD, you hear the best riffs from a highly schooled guitar player, over and over and over. It can get boring pretty fast. New guitar players will be impressed by his speed and his ability to cut loose with technical chops. For seasoned guitar players, there’s just too much speed and not enough feel. He’s definitely not my favorite guitar player, but he’s no slouch. He’s considered to be one of the top 20 best guitar players in America.


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