Hope Sandoval & the Warn Inventions, Bavarian Fruit Bread. Rough Trade.

January, 2002
Kira, crasskira@yahoo.com

Those familiar with Mazzy Star's Velvet-Underground influenced, trancey trip-hop can prolly imagine what Sandoval's album will deliver. Sandoval's luscious vocals remain enveloped in echo, producing the same alienated, sleepy, laconic, distant solitude that helped make Mazzy such a compelling band. The result is essentially Mazzy Star without the psychedelic soundscape provided by Mazzy guitarist Dave Roback's distinctive feedback, reverb, and crescendos. The dark psychelia is replaced with a complex folkiness, perhaps a result of Sandoval's collaboration on this album with Colm O'Ciosoig (from 80s avant-pop outfit My Bloody Valentine). Mazzy fans who revel in trancey melancholy may be disappointed. But suckers for Sandoval's voice will not be let down. It's a very mellow album, and its folky darkness is perhaps reminiscent of Leonard Cohen at times. It's perfect for bed - sleep and sleep-plus; it's consummate date music. And like Mazzy Star, it's deeply moving and beautiful. A rewarding album for anyone in need of down time. Oh, for those keeping score--the first track is penned by The Jesus and Mary Chain's William Reid, Sandoval's sometime lover and collaborator. (Digression: It must be hard for this couple to get attention after the standard set by this disturbing pair: Nick Cave and Polly Jean Harvey. Oh to be a fly on the wall of that flat.)



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