Meshuggah: Nothing (2002)

by Bruce_on_Parade
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

This thing wont fucking play when you stick it in your computer unless you have the OS that it’s looking for. However the layout on the features is incredibly nice and worth the work that it takes to try playing the disc. I had to go into the CD burner to circumvent what ten minutes later seems nothing at all like an enhancement. Yeah after ten minutes the enhanced features become torture to find ways around.

Now then, the music, once I finally got to it, was worth the wait. It has been alleged that there other releases were better than this, though I believe that it would be hard for the music to be much better than this. Though the vocals do stick out a tad too much on most of the songs, the great and unique structures are all there. Its like when you go see a great band and there is a “less than capable” (PC for Fuck Up) Sound man who couldn’t produce a good dial tone, you just grin, bear it, and enjoy what you can about it.

The only real disappointment to the music on this album is that they changed the guitar tone. The sound that this guitarist had on their previous effort was one of the greatest things I’ve heard in too long. Unless you’re a “Punk Rocker” tune your god damned instruments. You shouldn’t sound like that, unless you intend to.

The songs are as hard and abrasive as ever some of them even more so. This band would be good without a singer. In fact if they added another talented guitarist in his place they could be the best guitar band in the fucking world. The singer, however, is here to stay. He sounds vaguely reminiscent of Lou on early Sick of it All records. All of the lead guitar riffs on this album are fucking sick, especially the lead bit at 2:47 on “Perpetual Black Second.” Fucking incredible album, even though one track, “Spasms,” is completely horrid and belongs on a nu metal compilation.


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