The Great Deceiver: A Venom Well Designed (2002)

by Bill S. Preston, Esquire (with help from “Ted” Theodor Logan)
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

This was well designed something, but it wasn’t venom. It was well designed Metal. Designed to cater to the needs of the heavy “nearly Black” metal population. It didn’t really do anything for me though. For my metal dollar I’d rather go buy an old King Diamond album or better yet spend it finishing up the Motorhead collection.

There were a few songs that could have been good, provided they not had a completely horrid singer. I wanted to like these songs. With titles like “The Demons Lair,” “Enter the Martyrs,” and “Arsenic Dream” this CD should have been great, but it just wasn’t there. If they work on deviating the vocals somewhat from that horrible metal standard “Piss-Ant Growl” these guys might go on to put out likable releases.

The one good thing about this release is that it is consistent. Mind you its consistently bad, but it is consistent throughout. The one thing I miss, which was present on the last ten albums with this same over done sound, is the double bass drum sound. Really, who is in a heavy metal band without two foot-bass drums? C’mon get your shit together. Now, where is that “Strychnine” I was promised? Fuckers.


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