Dave Matthews Band: Busted Stuff (2002)

by -=Fish=-
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

Dave Matthews released yet another album this summer. This release was so anticipated and well received that Matthews made the cover of the August 22, 2002 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. In the album’s first week, it sold 610,778 copies putting it at number one! Busted Stuff had two tracks that made radio play: “Busted Stuff” and “Where Are You Going”. For DMB fans, two other tracks on the CD were notable; “Big Eyed Fish” and Bartender”.

The CD wasn’t the only disc included with the release. Keeping with the digital age, there is a DVD included with live performances of “Big Eyed Fish: and “Bartender”. If you were one of the thousands to purchase the CD within the first two weeks, you were treated to a online broadcast of a DMB show live from Connecticut. Busted Stuff is a good CD, but for those just being introduced to DMB, Crash is a much better buy. Either way, DMB is still topping the charts.


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