Damnaged: A Demo (2002)

by The Uncle Myke
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

Having seen Damnaged in June of this, the year of our lord, I was happy when I saw their disc cross my ever cluttered and oft-times dangerous desk. Then I was pissed because it was only a two-song sampler. Fuck it when I found out that the disc was only a one-song sampler, the first track was an intro of evil demon talk.

Okay, this is for all the fuck-nuts who send out one track, STOP IT. Wait ‘til you have something to send something out. Stop wasting CD-Rs.
That being said, the one track was the best metal song to cross the clutter-desk in quite some time. In the Metallica tradition of clean, crisp and polished metal, this band would be great.

They would be great, except that they never took the time to be a garage band and work their way to the top. Who starts out their live career opening for Danzig on a nationwide comeback tour, other than former members of other bands who have already put in their licks? Thinking this must be unfair? Well, try putting in years of steady great rock and never moving up the bill. This is the fate of numerous bands such as rock’s true salvation Speedealer. The truly great ones are never realized in their lifetimes.

If Damnaged isn’t too spoiled by this tour they may just make it out okay. Hell if they put in their licks and stay positive without using any unfair advantages, like say exploiting the fact that they opened for Danzig, they may be fucking bigger than the Ozzy versus bat legend.


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Bethany, WV 26032