Cannibal Corpse: Gore Obsessed

by The Uncle Myke
Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

Rather than tearing up the charts Cannibal Corpse has been tearing out the throats. Having heard several of their albums one soon realizes that though they have a signature sound, the albums all have different flavors to them. “Savage Butchery” is probably the albums most audibly pleasing track, though none of them are radio friendly. All of the tracks are similar, but that doesn’t equate to bad.

If you are a fan of Death Metal or just enjoy this particular breed, then you probably already have this, if not you should. Give something new a shot. Buy this with that fat wad of money you earmarked for the new Korn CD. A nice change of pace from the polished and poppy metal that has been plaguing radio recently.

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