Backstreet Boys: The Hits Chapter 1 (Jive, 2001)

by Vid Sicious
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

The Hits Chapter One is a 15-song compilation CD featuring all of the best tracks from this ’77 style street punk band’s 7-year career. Long thought to be the forefathers of modern punk, the Backstreet Boys have put out another release, albeit a compilation, that will change the way political songs are written in the future. Like Guns n’ Roses “The Spaghetti Incident” before it, this will become the measuring stick for great rock in the future.

With wicked cynical tracks like “Larger than Life,” which seemingly promotes that feeling you get when you smoke crack and feel like you can abuse your child cause your bigger, and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” which is a insanely subtle cry for more drug dealers on the streets and in urban neighborhoods, it won’t be long before America lies in ruins. I for one can’t wait.

On so-called love songs, like “I want it That Way”, the band preaches co-dependance on drugs. “You are my fire, my one desire…” the boys croon, while claiming that they are spaced out and isolated from the side effects, “…but we are two worlds apart.” The BSB then seem to lament their addiction calling it “nothing but a heartache, nothing but a mistake” and finally lamenting their future stating that it’s “too late.” “Too late” indeed for the” “powers that be” to stop this revolution.

This release will, like Brittany Spear’s wicked Black Metal releases before it, change the face of punk rock in years to come. Gone will be bands like Rancid, NoFX, and Bad Religion. Out with the old and in with the newest wave of streetcore. Punk has a new name and it’s time to realize “Backstreet’s Back,” with a vengeance.


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