Marky Ramone and the Speedkings: Legends Bleed (2002)

by The Uncle Myke
from Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

I want more than anything in the world to see Marky gracefully fade away. However he insists that his career isn’t over even though the Ramones are, interesting that even after they broke up he continues to keep the name attachment rather than going back to being Mark Bell. Why does he need to put himself into the Marquee? Why not just the Speedkings?

That lamented, Marky has attached himself to another group of good musicians who play more of the straight ahead rock that I’ve come to love. Not necessarily Punk rock in the sense that I associate Marky with, which is nice. The Speedkings sing songs about things that Social Distortion would like: Girls, Cars, and “Fucking Shit Up” on “Saturday Nights.”

The Speedkings tie themselves back to the Ramones again by including four live cover songs from a set on New Years Eve. The Ramones are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and are the greatest band ever. They will not soon be forgotten. Why risk tarnishing their legacy by dragging in outsiders?

Independently the Speedkings rock like Bruce on Acid, but with there self imposed comparisons to the Ramones, they will always fail. The guys in this band don’t do anything similar to the Ramones, yet I can’t resist telling you that the Ramones are better. Oh well, the Ramones are great and Fuck everything and everyone else (other than Motorhead, obviously [you schmuck]).


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