NOFX and Rancid. BYO Split Series Volume Three. Better Youth Organization, 2002. Order online.

My best description prior to hearing this album: much anticipated release from two great and revered punk acts. It will be greater than your mother cooking for me.

My best description after having heard this album: This much anticipated release from two revered punk acts is great. It rocked harder than your mother on a Friday night.

Side-notes: Though this thing rocks, the styles don't entirely suit the bands. Rancid get "mad props" for pulling off all their songs with apparent ease. This showcases the bands proficiency as a band. Tight and well adapted. THe songs that Rancid picked were so very right it was almost wrong. How do they pull off NOFX's songs so damn well?

Had NOFX more carefully selected their tracks, they could have done a better job on their half. That is not to attack NOFX; they don't slack. Put onto a CD with Rancid I don't think most bands would stand up as well as they do. Rancid is just that damn good. I just listened to their version of [NOFX's] "Vanilla Sex" and wet myself. Get it.



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