Monster Trux. Grind. Invisible Records, 2002.

This CD is not the best thing since sliced bread, but it's also not as bad as athlete's foot. However like athletes foot this CD grows on you, and is contagious. The first time through it seems quite abysmal and all nine "trax" drag on. However, once the album comes on again you catch yourself humming along with it.

Definitely Skate Punk, reminiscent of Orange County's The Faction in that both bands sound quite similar and have members that are obsessed with skate boarding (ex. Steve Cabballero, of the Faction). Though it would be hard not to acknowledge the similarities to the Dead Milkmen, not all skate punk is the Dead Milkmen (learn that or die).
On a final note, if you are easily annoyed then throw away the artwork, because the "x" suffix substituted for the "cks" gets incredibly annoying after the first reading.

[See Invisible Records or Monster Trux for more info.]

-Mistie Threkay, Purveyor of Death



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