Review: Lennon w/ Speedealer @ Club Laga

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Review I

by ViNny

Well, what can be said about Lennon excepct that she is a fine
representative of the female sex and her deeply personal lyrics stand for girls everywhere? Well.... I could say that - but I'd be lying. I went to
the Lennon show at Laga, fully expecting to see a kick- ass angry goth girl. Instead what I saw was a poor substitute. She should have been left wherever Arista found her and forced to tough it out for a few years on her own.

She comes on tough with titles like "Breaking your car" But her lyrics
leave you wanting to call and apologize to your mother rather than go and kick some evil man ass. She wonders why no one listens to anything she says - hell anyone would be distracted if they saw a rack bulging out of a tiny wife beater like the one Lennon was proudly showing off. How can you pay attention to anything else?

She boasts her keyboard playing skills, but she seems to forget that
Tori Amos already did that ( a lot better I might add.) I saw her pick up a guitar for all of two seconds and I swear I saw tape across the strings.

If it wasn't for her band, she would have been a total failure. Speed Dealer should not have been subjected to the toture of having their name tainted by appearing on the same bill as Lennon.

I think that a few years and some real music lessons might do her a
world of good- but until then she is just Britney Spears' angry little

Review II

by Mistie Threkay, Misogynist at large:

Have you heard the ancient Chinese proverb, “...if you don’t have anything
nice to say then don’t say anything at all?” Well, I could apply it to the
“Lennon/Speedealer” show, or I could talk about them as separate entities
which seems more appropriate as they have almost nothing in common other
than having happened together.

Speedealer are a hard, fast band with more than a hint of Motorhead
influence to them, though they also have a healthy dose of AC/DC medicine in
them. Their set was blazing fast loud a little angry and overall enjoyable other
than the fact that they were playing to an almost empty Club Laga, which
hindered the three discernible punks in attendance from succeeding in their
attempts to form a pit. Good job Speedealer, A+, for your all of your effort and a fine performance for the books.

Lennon chose to contrast Speedealer’s energy and stage performance with an
abysmal set that dragged on pointlessly and much longer than it should have,
though she did cut her final song short due to the ever growing number of
people mocking her. I almost wonder how she pulled off signing the
autographs for the miscreants who belittled her during her mundane set. She
herself got a good shot in during her act she mocked all the people who have
spent time learning the guitar. She acted as though she was playing a guitar,
though the guitar had a piece of electrical tape over the strings.

The one saving grace of Lennon’s set is that she performed in a beater
missing its mid-section and held together by only a few extra-strength safety
pins. Good job Lennon your body gets an A+, however you’ve completely
belittled everyone trying to make it in the music business on talent rather than
breasts and for your mundane stage show and lack of presence you’ll get a F-
(who coincidentally are a great band, I would rather see any day of the week).
Those considering paying to see Lennon live might want to consider the rest of
the bands on the bill because all Lennon is prepared to send you home with is
a hard-on and a headache.



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