Hank Williams III w/ Shackshakers @ 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, WV: 03.30.2002

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Hank III and Assjack

Review coming soon. Don't rush me. He's a tough act to write about. Stay tuned for a review of Superjoint Ritual @ Metropol, Pitt as well.

The Legendary Shack Shakers

Heavily influenced by their southern roots, Shack Shakers awed the audience of 123 Pleasant Street Friday, with self described 'biorhythm organic human music.' No one expected to hear this country-punkabilly band opening for Hank Williams III, the original opening act ------ cancelled their appearance; however, no one seemed to mind in the least. The band quickly drew the audience into their world.

Four countrified men jumped on stage full of energy and sporting devious smiles. The singer's persona mixed campy country with revolutionary punk. The entire show was bright, cheerful and fun. I was reminded of the innocence and mayhem portrayed in the television show "The Duke's of Hazard." You could hear and see the band's anti-establishment message during their show. They scoffed at the powers that be, giving the audience the impression of having had encounters with law enforcement; however you could never imagine them getting into serious trouble. The vibrancy and entertainment of the stage -show made Shack Shackers a memorable show for everyone.

At the end of the show, singer --- graciously agreed to be interviewed, saying they loved to spout off - and they were not kidding. Three members of the band sat down at around 2:30 to educate me about their music, their politics, and their off-beat sense of humor. With an acute understanding of the history of American music, especially country, Shack Shakers described their blend of country, rock and punk as pure entertainment that encompasses the human experience. From the folk music which grew out of the Depression Dust Bowl Era of the thirties to the eighties' economic repression influenced rock to the new punk influenced country, Shack Shakers see a common thread of the have-nots fighting against the haves.

All three types of music appeal to people's desires to be entertained with passionate music. Each relies on improvisation, the ability to play for the moment. What the singer compared to a basketball game. A grid exists which limits what the players can do; however, it depends on the individual players to determine what they do in the grid.

The band met during their college years at Murray College in Tennesee. A Church of Christ school located in a dry county created the environment of repression and oppression the band felt was needed to inspire their music. Religious condemnation of youth sub-cultures fed into the feelings of isolation and persecution which prompted the band to write, sing, and perform in styles of music which historically dealt with class and social problems.

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