GWAR spews bodily fluids on Pittsburgh: Gwar, February 27th @ Metropol, Pitt

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March 7, 2002: Last Wednesday, a sinister force descended upon Pittsburgh. Taking its form in vile, filthy, brain-eating monsters, the collective known as GWAR sprayed an attentive crowd with blood and other bodily fluids. Named the 'Blood Drive 2002 Tour,' GWAR made sure that there were plenty of willing and unwilling donors, such as Mike Tyson, bin Laden, and yup, even Dubya.

I personally was in the photo pit for about two minutes before I decided that I had had enough blood and gore sprayed upon me. They played -- or rather, beat out of their instruments -- classics from the whole GWAR repetoire.

So what exactly is a GWAR? Is it a unit of measurement of musical repulsion? Or is it a puerile collage of fantastic space monsters in drag? Well, a little of both, actually. GWAR is a collection of musicians that embody all that the music industry despises. They dress up in outlandish costumes, sing songs of disembowelment, and spit (fake?) blood and other bodily fluids on their audience.

GWAR's main contingent is: Oderus Urungus, Golden-Throated Crooner; Beefcake the Mighty, bass and vocals; Jizmak Da Gusha, drums; Balsac the Jaws of Death, rhythm guitar; and Flattus Maximus, lead guitar.

A GWAR show, now that I have experienced one, is vulgar vaudeville at its peak. Nothing is safe from their wit and humour. Not the ear biting of one Mike Tyson, the 'wacky' terrorists that walk this earth, or even the Prez himself. All are eventual victims of fearless leader Oderus and his brain-eating ways. Really, I ain't making this up! The dude 'ate' his brain right on stage. And then he 'donated' his victims' blood to the willing recipients that made up the pit in front of the stage. And, due to lack of a better way to say this, their fans 'eat this stuff up.'

But concerts aren't the only way GWAR fans get their fix. Since '88, GWAR has released nine albums, including their latest Violence Has Arrived (which I reviewed last semester).

Still, for those who can't get enough there's comics, videos, games, .... None of the material they put out is anything other than a good laugh.

I distinctly remember them recording the national anthem of a certain hockey-loving nation solely with whiny baby crying. Songs of buggery, farm animals, violence, fantasy ... you name it, it's there. But reading about their talents won't do them any justice. Go out and experience it for yourself, if you're secure enough in your musical taste.

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