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I saw the best minds of my generation miss the greatest shows on earth, truly believing they were in the middle of nowhere, at the vortex of a miserable “black hole,” or teetering on the planet’s edge. We became complacent, reconciled to our mythic isolation. And we’re still here.

All this despite the fact that we are at the center of everything. For over a century, Americans have realized this: Wheeling was regarded as a “gateway to the west,” a crossroads to everywhere.

Morgantown and Pittsburgh are, at most, an hour and half away; DC, Columbus, and Baltimore are only slightly farther.

Our isolation is a comforting myth, so easily dispelled that we work hard to fortify it: we make appeals to economic hardship or excessive homework, and then drink the night away at the local pub; we complain about parking in our village, and then regard driving anywhere as a troublesome burden.

Some have so miserably failed to reinforce the myth that they’ve ended up making day trips to Niagara Falls, or to see shows in DC, Columbus, and Baltimore. Some even go to Pittsburgh weekly.

Don’t buy in to the myth of “the middle of nowhere” when you’re at the crossroads to everywhere. What follows is a calendar of (sub)cultural events. They’re easily reached after a hard day of sleeping in class, cheap enough that they won’t cut in to your tight post-9/11 change purse, and close enough that you’ll be able to get to work and class the next day.

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Mon, 14th: The Damned w/ Tiger Army @ Club Laga, Pitt
Mon, 14th: Kreator w/ Cephalic Carnage @ Rex Theatre, Pitt
Tue, 15th: Mortician @ 31st Street Pub, Pitt
Wed, 16th: J. Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr.) @ Rosebud, Pitt
Thr, 17th: Good Charlotte @ Metropol, Pitt
Sat, 19th: Tool w/ Meshuggah @ Erie Civic Center, Erie PA
Tue, 22nd: Snapcase w/ Boy Sets Fire @ Club Laga, Pitt
Tue, 22nd: The Vandals @ Rex Theatre, Pitt
Wed, 23rd: The Supersuckers @ Metropol, Pitt
Fri, 25th: Legendary Pink Dots @ Rosebud, Pitt
Sat, 26th: Bob Mould @ Rosebud, Pitt
Tue, 29th: Enon @ 123 Pleasant Street, Mo’town
Thr, 31st: The Forgotten w/ Guests @ Boomer’s, Bethany WV


Fri, 1st: Bright Eyes @ Club Laga, Pitt
Fri, 1st: Tool @ Bryce Jordan Center, Univ. Park PA
Fri, 1st: Flogging Molly @ Metropol, Pitt
Sat, 2nd: Thursday @ Club Laga, Pitt
Sat, 2nd: Junior Brown @ 123 Pleasant Street, Mo’town
Sun, 3rd: Bill Cosby @ Warner Theater, Erie PA
Tue, 5th: The Donnas @ Club Laga, Pitt
Wed, 6th: Reliant K @ Club Laga, Pitt
Wed, 6th: Lou Barlow @ The Upstage, Pitt
Fri, 8th: The Casualties w/ The Forgotten @ Club Laga, Pitt
Fri, 8th: The Lords of Acid @ Metropol, Pitt
Fri, 8th: Bob Dylan @ A.J. Palumbo Center, Pitt
Sat, 9th: Crimson Ghosts (Misfits surf cover band) @ 123 Pleasant Street, Mo’town
Mon, 11th: DRI w/ New Society of Anarchists @ 31st Street Pub, Pitt
Tue, 12th: Down @ Metropol, Pitt
Sun, 17th: Southern Culture on the Skids @ Rosebud, Pitt
Mon, 18th: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult @ Club Laga, Pitt
Tue, 18th: Ani DiFranco @ Palace Theatre, Greensburg PA
Thr, 21st: Glassjaw w/ American Nightmare @ Club Laga, Pitt
Thr, 21st: The Misfits @ Club Laga, Pitt
Fri, 22nd: Dan Bern @ Metropol, Pitt

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