Kate Doblick's : Introducing a Great American Show

Bethany's own Kate Doblick recently released her debut album 2¢. The CD is a beautifully crafted opus of folky acoustic guitar and sweet siren vocals. What the CD lacks in length, 13 tracks coming in at just under 39 minutes, it more than makes up for in soul. Kate delivers a mature album full of tasty grooves you won't be able to get out of your head.

The album fluctuates from upbeat to solemn, from love to sorrow, and back again.

Brakedown has a poppy, Ani Difranco sort or rhythm. With its references to Natty light, ashtrays, and broken down cars, Brakedown recounts some of the despair of being trapped in the Valley with no escape. Rope, Love, Ugly and OK document the self doubt that comes with making your own decisions with the goal of escaping your parents authority.

Come to me is a somber lullaby about waiting for love.

A few of the tracks stick out as finely crafted tunes. "Got to find a way to sing!" belts Kate in Dirty, a song about her brief but tenuous career as a practitioner of the custodial arts. The soulful Falling Down, my personal favoriteis sung with more soul than any 21 year old should be able to muster. Gray, written and recorded in the same day is sweet listening heaven.

Kate Doblick is an intelligent, independent songwriter "with a groovy beat" who delivers an acoustic album of love, scorn and doubt that should be in every serious music collection. Teenage angst may have paid off well for Kurt Cobain, but it has given Kate Doblick fodder for beautifully crafted songs that anyone could relate to. The final track Watch Out is an anthem for her generation and should serve as a warning for the listener. Expect to hear a lot more music from this extremely talented performer.

Track List:

  1. introducing 03:07
  2. biggest part 02:56
  3. brakedown 03:38
  4. come to me 02:43
  5. dirty 03:08
  6. falling down 02:35
  7. gray 02:53
  8. guitar love song 03:14
  9. love 03:06
  10. ok 02:44
  11. rope 02:59
  12. ugly 02:51
  13. watch out 02:28

For more info contact: kate_doblick@yahoo.com




P.O. Box 266
Bethany, WV 26032