Anatomy of a Political Campaign Pamphlet

by CrassIrony

This pamphlet was laying around Main Street in Bethany one afternoon. When I picked it up, I felt I had hit pay dirt. Why doesn’t our generation vote? This flyer provides the answer to that riddle in a nutshell.

What’s there to vote for? An empty appeal to patriotism? A ridiculously misplaced appeal to our post- 9/11 pride in our nation? A promise that any candidate or citizen would stand behind?

There’s no platform here. It’s fair to assume that the other candidates’ flyers are similarly devoid of content, and likewise rely solely on rhetoric.

In all fairness, I didn’t include the backpage of the flyer, which listed Pannett’s experience, memberships, and demonstrated commitment to the community. Among his experience as an educator are “relevant” facts such as his role as a deacon in a Baptist church and membership in the board of directors in a country club.

It’s difficult to take his experience as an educator seriously, however. The mission statement offers little beside a rambling sentence of fluff.

Yeah, it’s our responsibility to vote. But isn’t voting for none of this nonsense also a clear statement of what we want?

Contrary to what it looks like here, the goal is not to smear Mr. Pannett. It just happens to be his flyer that blew past my foot.

The worst part is, this flyer will convince people. People will say, “oh look, a white patriotic patriarch who believes children should be safe and should learn. And oh, double bonus, he promises to vote on decisions that come to the board if he’s elected. This is my guy.”

Is it so wrong that many people our age have refused to enter the public sphere and participate in our democracy? Look what we’d be participating in.



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