Consuming Identities: Start Saving Now to Invest in Your Future

By Kira,

Before leaving home or having guests to your house, it’s important to ensure that you’re operating within an authorized identity.  Apathetic Identity.  Identity Apathy:  Always remember:

  • Remember, it’s common practice to say “how are you” as a greeting.  Some people fail to understand that this is a formality, and get the idea that they’ve been invited to have a dialog and to get to know you.  Without fail, this results in a certain awkwardness.  

    Neglecting to invest in a particular identity makes it difficult for people to make assumptions about you before they know you, resulting in a similar awkwardness for everyone involved: We actually have to spend time getting to know people.  Without these handy culture and status markers, our valuable time is spent with subjects rather than objects.  Let’s all do our part to ensure that we can continue to know people without actually having to learn about them.
  • We all enjoy the convenience of being able to tell what economic class, ethnicity, gender, sub-culture the people we come into contact with are.  This convenience has been carefully developed and perfected over the course of 300 years.  Neglecting to consume the correct identity marker ruins it for the rest of us.
  • If you feel alienated, picked on, bullied, or cast out, consider how well you’ve met the expectations of your community.  Everyone wants to fit in.  It’s a natural and universal human truth.  Save money, select the identity you want, and then invest in your future by purchasing the appropriate goods.  You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.
  • We live in a time of crisis.  Violent crimes are being committed in schools, planes are being flown into important symbols of our freedom and our concomitant super-powers, and protestors are violently impeding our right to commute by protesting the spread of our capitalism in public streets.

    Please consider that neglecting to operate within an authorized identity position encourages violence by provoking those of us who work hard to make life easy and to create a productive community.  Consider the kind of world you want to live in.  We’ve had enough violence.  Haven’t we?

With the help of the chart below, you can do your part to prevent the degeneration of our culture, to facilitate social diversity, to simplify interpersonal communication, and to rebuild our economy.

Reading the Chart

The chart below can be used in many ways. Here’re two:

  • Use it as a shopping list as you work to overcome your identity apathy.
  • Those of us who have already chosen to become productive and authorized individuals can use it to help us to judge other peoples’ value in relationship to our needs, thereby eliminating the possibility of awkward misunderstandings.

The vertical axis provides a list of some of the authorized identities available to us.

The horizontal axis lists an array of markers associated with various identities.

A check mark at the intersection of an identity and a marker indicates that that marker is an appropriate choice and should be included in that person’s ensemblé.

Important: status markers change frequently for two reasons:  1) successful markers are quickly appropriated by popular culture and stripped of their power to distinguish members of particular groups.  2) often times people will masquerade.  Communities must often change markers.









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