American Youth Revolt

by psychopoet (a humble servant of the new revolution)
Vanguard Party 2.1 (October 2002)

Unite American youth, revolt
the images can not contain you
don’t follow the footsteps of generations past
but forge your own path
don’t turn a blind eye to the diversity around you
embrace it, learn it, love it as yourself
say no to the commercialism and
embrace the individuality you see in pink hair
the ones you avoid are not what they seem
the ones you see in hot topic with
piercings peircings everywhere
the best friends are not always found in mirror images
they are often the people you would least expect
take the risk, take a chance, be yourself
dye your hair pink, blue, orange, green
pierce something, embrace your inner wild child
be true to yourself, recognize yourself
report to a new army, enlist in a crowd of individualism
fight the communism of commercialism
Unite American youth, revolt
Know yourself, love yourself, be yourself

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