Submission Policies and Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Vanguard Party has an open submission policy and aggressively encourages readers to submit their work. Whether its an outraged response to TV show, a critique of a popular misconception, an enthusiastic response to an album, an inspired poem, a response to another writer, or silly drawing, Vanguard Party wants to print it.

Because style, grammar, spelling and other writing conventions too often intimidate people from voicing their opinions, Vanguard Party has no formatting or style requirements, and we make no editorial changes except when absolutely necessary to ensure a minimal standard of readability.

Consistent with its comitment to social justice, public access, and fee speech, Vanguard Party makes few restrictions on content:

  • it reserves the right to reject submissions that contain hate speech
  • it cannot print work that is not protected by law: fighting words, slander, etc.

Submitting Work to be Reviewed

Vanguard Party is eager to include reviews of albums, books, and other products. Whether you're an up and coming band or a game programmer, Vanguard Party look forward to printing a review of your work.

Where to Send

  1. Write to and include your submission as an attachment
  2. Mail your work to Vanguard Party:

    Vanguard Party
    PO Box 266
    Bethany, WV 26032


P.O. Box 266
Bethany, WV 26032