Advertising & Vanguard Party

Primary Audience

Originally conceived as an alternative and independent campus medium, Vanguard Party's primary target audience remains college students between the ages of 17 and 22 who attend school at Bethany College, located in the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

Although Bethany is situated within reach Wheeling, Pittsburgh, Columbus, and even Washington, D.C., its distance from the nearest city discouraging to students. Bethany's isolation is an asset to the liberal arts education to which it is commited; at the same time, however, it leaves the College's constituents starving for entertainment, culture, and entertainment.

As a result of this audience's lack of access to information and shopping opportunities, Vanguard Party will be a tremendous asset not only to businesses throughout the Ohio Valley area, but also to online merchants and services.

Expanding Audience

Despite its roots as a campus medium, Vanguard Party has expanded its audience to include subscribers from Pennsylvania to Florida, and continues to gain readers through word of mouth and the internet.

Although efforts to increase circulation has depended on subscriptions, Vanguard Party is eager to expand its free circulation base to include other college towns in West Virginia. Aggressive plans to distribute each issue freely in Morgantown, WV are currently underway.

For local, national, and online merchants alike, advertising in Vanguard Party affords the unique opportunity to penetrate a market otherwise unaccessable to advertisers.


Advertising rates for Vanguard Party are as follows; however, rates are negotiable and custom sizes are available.

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