Various Artists. Plea for Peace Take Action. Sub City. (Available directly from

Usually offering in excess of 20 tracks per disc, punk rock compilations are some of the best buys out there for the pioneering musicnaut committed to exploring new territory, since they’re usually a steal at $6 or less.

On this punk/hardcore compilation, 28 bands from a variety of progressive indie labels (Asian Man, Restless, Nitro, Fat Wreck Chords, Lookout!, Victory, Kung Fu, Hollywood) contribute previously unreleased songs in support of the The National Hopeline Network, a telephone hotline offering “24 hour confidential assistance and referrals on youth crisis issues, including child abuse, neglect, depression, drug dependency, suicide…”

Moving leisurely from pop punk to agro-hardcore, Plea for Peace alternates hard-to-find tracks from some of contemporary punk’s heavy-hitters with tracks by lesser known but equally fascinating artists. AFI, At the Drive-In, The Swinging Utters, Suicide Machines, TSOL, and The (International) Noise Conspiracy, and Atom and his Package provide some of the name recognition, but many of the disc’s highlights are the tracks by lesser known bands.

Incidently, killer cover art from Shepard Farey -- reminiscent of soviet era propaganda – offers additional incentive for owning this CD. At $4, this comp is well worth the investment.

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