Hank Williams III: Lovesick, Broke, & Driftin’

Curb Records, 2002.

Hank III’s brand of country is so informed by his punk rock influences and childhood, that it avoids the usual country clichés while maintaining the trademark sounds that are his birthright. And even when he does sing of drug addiction, relationships, and drinking, he manages to keep it fresh. But this album only marginally succeeds as country, and will disappoint his punker fans, if only because it offers none of the punk rock power of his live shows. It’s so very country that it just won’t cut it for these fans; and he’s so punk rock that the country community won’t have any part of him, as "Thrashvile" and apparent fiction with Curb Records, who released the album, suggest. Looking forward to his next album…and still won’t miss his live dates.

August 15, 2002: It appears that the Hank III release that any rocker, punker, hillbilly, hellbilly, and head banger should be dreaming about has already been recorded; however, it appears its release has been blocked by Curb Records, the label responsible for such the tragic success of such horrifying and unnoteworthy acts as Tim McGraw LeAnn...

Blocking its release has stirred up some overdue anger from both Hank III and his fans, who aren't holding back. A petition for the release of the album, currently known as This Aint Country" has been posted online at PetitionOnline (http://www.petitiononline.com/Assjack1/petition.html).

You can't not sign this and still fool yourself into thinking you care about music.

Any music.


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